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Welcome to Wealthinking

The purpose of this blog is to show what comprehensive financial planning looks like and feels like on the day-to-day.  Each post is drawn from the actual work we do with clients and is rooted in the best of current economic thinking. You'll see such traditional topics as finance, taxes, retirement planning, and investment management through the lens of what real people actually care about—their own personal hopes and dreams, navigating various life transitions, and understanding the world around them.  We’re glad you’re here and invite you to join the conversation.


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Wealthinking by Paula Hogan

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AICPA 2014: Advanced Financial Planning Conference



Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference hosted by the American Institute of CPAs®. Attended by a record 1200 professionals this year, the conference is rapidly becoming a go-to continuing education venue for financial advisors.

Savoring (& Weathering) The Holidays by Ed Jacobson



This week, it is a delight to offer a guest post from our good friend and Appreciative Inquiry expert Ed Jacobson, PhD. Ed's writing is below. Enjoy. 

Talking Turkey at Thanksgiving: The Power of Saving Early



When families gather for Thanksgiving, older generations sometimes have the irresistible urge to offer advice to the younger generations, sometimes about managing personal finances. Here's some advice for the would-be advice givers: Think about your audience. Don't focus on the principles of sound investing.

Open Enrollment Checklist - Optimizing Your Employee Benefits



I wonder who enjoys the annual open enrollment season, that annual November period during which employees make benefit elections for the coming year.  It must be a lot of work for employers and I have yet to speak with an employee who enjoys the process.  

The Art of Aging Well



Last week, I co-presented a program on The Art of Aging Well at the Museum of Wisconsin Art with Valerie Stefanich, a geriatric social worker and co-founder of Stowell Associates.

Checklist for Estate Planning: The Art of Creating Your Legacy



There was a wonderful presentation earlier this month at the Museum of Wisconsin Art  on The Art of Planning Your Legacy. It was part of an ongoing effort of the museum to boost community engagement and make the museum a living, breathing, welcoming gathering place.

Human Capital: The Job Market Gets Personal



As our nation weathers continued unemployment four years after the Great Recession officially ended, it’s interesting to think about the job market in the context of cultural and technological factors.  What’s changed? And where is the job market headed?Jobs aren’t just going overseas; computers and technology are transforming them.  But it isn’t quite that simple.

Back To School Time (For Your Personal Financial Planning)



Do you miss the childhood excitement of getting ready for the new school year--new pencils, new shoes--that ineffable sense of getting grounded in order to surge ahead into an exciting new beginning? What would it look like if this September you directed that energy to your finances?  

Do you trust what you get for free?



The web offers a lot of cool information for free.   Did you know that you are paying for it?

Big Data, Women's Suffrage, and Your Financial Planning



The 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified on August 18th, 1920. That means that as of last Sunday August 18, 2013, women in our country have had the right to vote for 93 years. Awesome!  And thought-provoking.

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