Wealthinking by Paula Hogan

S is for Saving

Tending to Hopes and Dreams

Investing in a Changing World

Portfolio Planning in Retirement: The Risk Management Approach

Procrastination and Your Financial Goals

Should You Own Value Stocks In Your Portfolio?

Making Your Life Simpler, Easier, and Healthier

Guest Post: "An Abundant Thanksgiving Week"

Open Enrollment Blues?

Reverse Mortgages: The FAQ                                 (Part 3 of 3)

Reverse Mortgages: A Summary of the Nuts & Bolts   (Part 2 of 3)

Reverse Mortgages: Yes! Worth a fresh look         (part 1 of 3)

What Do We Know About Retirement? And Why Does That Matter?

Effective Financial Habits - Part 2 of 2

Effective Financial Habits - Part 1 of 2

En Garde! Engaging With Your 401(k) Plan At Work

Financial Planning April Fool's

So your 2014 Income Tax Return is filed. Now what?

Retirement Advice: Like a Good Woman, It's Hard to Find

An Unexpected Blend of Topics at the AICPA Conference

Savvy Cash Flow Management – Part 3 of 3

Savvy Cash Flow Management – Part 2 of 3

Savvy Cash Flow Management - Part 1 of 3

Technology Induced Change in the Brokerage Industry

What are we doing to our elders?

Should you include small cap stocks in your portfolio?

Financial Planning For Retirement

Uptempo Offense and Your Career Planning

Psst—The Social Security Earnings Test is Not a Tax

Three Good Things and Financial Planning

Planning the Ideal Vacation

Macroprudential Policies and Your Financial Planning

Financial Industry Regulation: Why You Should Care

Financial Planning for Retirement – What Works

A note from Rick Miller PhD on our co-authored chapter:

How Do You Recognize a Tax Planning Opportunity?

What Your CPA Needs to Know About Your Tax Planning

Financial Planning and Unintended Consequences

Founding Fathers: Financial Planning Lessons

A Financial Planning Valentine

AICPA 2014: Advanced Financial Planning Conference

Savoring (& Weathering) The Holidays by Ed Jacobson

Talking Turkey at Thanksgiving: The Power of Saving Early

Open Enrollment Checklist - Optimizing Your Employee Benefits

The Art of Aging Well

Checklist for Estate Planning: The Art of Creating Your Legacy

Human Capital: The Job Market Gets Personal

Back To School Time (For Your Personal Financial Planning)

Do you trust what you get for free?

Big Data, Women's Suffrage, and Your Financial Planning

Retirement Planning: Education Matters

401k Fees: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

How to Pick A Mutual Fund

6 Tips for Older Adults: Talking With Your Adult Kids About Aging

Roth Conversions And Your Tax Planning

Big Data, The 4th of July, And You

Behavioral Finance At Work in Your Personal Life

Checklist for Personal Legacy: What Are You Leaving Your Heirs?

Are Public Pension Plans Your Model For Retirement Planning?

Pt 2 of 2: Good Financial Information For Great Financial Decisions

Disclosures Pt 1 of 2: Good Information For Great Decisions

Timing the Market Is Never Easy

Financial Life Transitions Are Not An Individual Matter

Money, Meaning, and Purpose: Taking A Stand

Technology is Changing Shopping -- Even for Income Annuities

You Want Lifetime Income, but not Life Annuities? Really?

The Annuity Puzzle & Your Financial Planning

Money Matters: Who is Your Financial Data Buddy?

5 Cash Management Strategies that Actually Work

To Spend or Not To Spend – A Challenging Question in Financial Planning

Mapping the World by Market Cap for Smarter Global Investing

How to Check the Tax Efficiency of Your Portfolio

How Would You Describe Your Portfolio Investment Strategy?

Is Your Financial Advisor an Advisor – or an Advisor? Hmmm…

The Personal Part of Charitable Giving

6 Strategies for Tax-efficient Charitable Giving

10 Tips for Smart Charitable Giving

The Top Ten Money Excuses – and How to Avoid Them

What Are Your Family Financial Traditions?

How Personal Portfolio Management is Like Painting A Room

Three Financial Planning Implications of the New Tax Rules

How Chained CPI Could Impact Your Financial Planning

Make a Financial Management New Year's Resolution that Really Counts

Financial Planning for Each Stage of Your Life and Career

Year-End Tax Planning in 2012—Oh My!

What do Holiday Gift Ideas and Personal Financial Planning have in Common?

6 Ways to Add Another 1% of Income to Retirement Savings in 2013

How to Have An Abundant Thanksgiving Holiday—starting now!

Human Capital: Your Family's Most Valuable Asset

Why International Diversification Makes Sense for Your Portfolio

Health is Wealth: Health Care and Your Financial Planning

Envisioning Retirement: Building a Retirement Portfolio

Take Financial Planning Action with a Passive Portfolio Strategy

Donor Advised Funds: Tax Efficient Charitable Giving

Behavioral Finance Even Applies to Leonardo Da Vinci

Personal Wealth Management: Creating a Stable Plan for Changing Times

Financial Planning Checklist when Planning for Divorce

College Planning Checklist: The Must-Do Family Money Conversations

Words Matter in Retirement Planning

Tax Planning & Privacy: What Your Tax Return Says About You

Financial Planning: It's Not Just Business, It's Personal