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The Top Ten Money Excuses – and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Paula Hogan on Wed, Jan 30, 2013

Top Ten Money Excuses

The purpose of this blog is to show what comprehensive fee-only planning looks like and feels like on the day-to-day.  This particular post highlights that an important part of our value as comprehensive fee-only advisors is identifying appropriate products and ancillary services for clients.  We look for firms that are excellent in their specialty and whose integrity regarding client relations match our own approach, and with whom we have no financial relationship.

One example is that for investing expertise and product solutions, our firm often turns to Dimensional Fund Advisors ("DFA").  

DFA's niche is translating the research of leading financial economists into real world investment solutions. DFA has moved industry knowledge forward in the areas of portfolio design, trading methodology, and tax management. It is best known for its academically based multifactor asset class approach to investing, i.e. for the philosophy that markets work and that trying to outguess the market is an expensive fool's errand. DFA began in 1981 and is now a major global financial firm, managing $262.1 billion as of the end of last year.

DFA provides a wide variety of investment research and market commentary. This week, as a guest blog feature, we offer this link to The Top Ten Money Excuses (PDF) by Australian Vice-President Jim Parker.  

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